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Sorry, Wrong Era

Season 1
Airdate September 5, 2003
Invention Quantum Replay 9000
Previous A Beautiful Mine
Next Beach Party Mummy

Sorry, Wrong Era is a Season 1 episode of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


Jimmy invents a small time machine. When he teases Cindy and Libby with his invention, Hugh asks to use it. When Hugh decides to go back 2 minutes, he types 2-0-0 , and sends Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen 200,000,000 years in the past. Then Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen decide to make an invention to go back to their time. A Tyrannosaurus rex attacks, but they manage to hide under a giant mushroom, in the meantime Carl finds a Leptictidium(from Walking with Beasts), and names it Leppy. A pteranodon, identified as a Pterodactyl, grabs Sheen and takes it back to it's nest and there are young pterodactyls. Back in Jimmy's time Hugh uses Jimmy's invention to annoy the people of Retroville. He goes to the Candy Bar, and annoys them by eating ice cream for hours, and drinking purple flurp and burping all day. He signs up for parachute school, but annoys everybody by not using a parachute. Jimmy and Carl and Leppy meanwhile have to finish up the invention, but they need diamonds. Then Carl looks up in the sky and sees a huge star, and he asked Jimmy what it was, and Jimmy said it was a huge asteroid coming down to Earth. Then Carl panics then Jimmy calmed him down and said they got 4 hours until the asteroid hits Earth. Meanwhile, back at the nest Sheen was having fun with the pterodactyls and the mother came back and she knew it was time to leave the Nest. After a long time of searching they finally finds diamonds, but the Tyrannosaurus attacks, and it prepares to eat Carl and Leppy. Suddenly, Sheen appears and saves Carl and Leppy on the backs of the young pterodactyls. Jimmy remembers that the Tyrannosaurus' skull is harder than steel, so they use the Tyrannosaurus to crack the diamonds. But Jimmy Noticed that the Asteroid has finally came to earth and crashes into the earth and targeted the gulf of Mexico and causes a big wall of fire spreading across the world to make the time of the Dinosaurs end and causing the T-Rex to run. The Time portal was set and Jimmy,Carl,and Sheen jumped in the time portal, and they make it back to their time, but Hugh is captured by an angry mob of citizens. First 1 is Sam, because he gives a stinky action to his customers. Second 1 is a pregnant woman that was ready to be give birth, but Hugh uses the time machine to make her give birth repeatedly. And Cindy and Libby are chasing Hugh for giving them brain freeze. Hugh is punished by being locked up in a cage. When Hugh is apologizing, Leppy pushes a random button on the remote and Jimmy goes back to the time of the beginning of the first part of the episode and Jimmy ends the episode surprised, saying to himself: "Whoa. Deja-vu.".


  • Jimmy: Oh no! It can't be! Abundant mega flora, CO-2 heated atmosphere... LEAPIN' LEPTONS! My dad didn't send us back 2 minutes! HE SENT US BACK 200,000,000 YEARS!!!
  • Sheen: What did you say!?
  • Jimmy: HE SENT US BACK 200,000,000 YEARS!!!
  • Sheen: Oh, that's what I thought you said.
  • Jimmy: Without the Quantum Replay, we're trapped in the late Cretaceous period!
  • Unseen carnivore: GGRRRRRRR!!!
  • Carl: Jimmy, did they have mommies who make it go away in the late Cretaceous era?
  • Sheen: Jimmy please! with our superior human intellect, we can easily outwit anything we run into!
  • T. Rex: Rraarrrr!!
  • Sheen: Go ahead Jimmy, outwit him. (Jimmy and Sheen run, while the T Rex begins sniffing at Carl)
  • Sheen: Don't move Carl, it can't see you if you don't move. (famous saying Dr. Grant said in Jurassic park)(Carl strikes unusual pose)
  • Jimmy: Sheen, that theory's been discredited!
  • Sheen: RUN CARL RUN!!! (After evading T Rex)
  • Jimmy: Uh, Sheen, you might want to hold off on the taunting just a few more minutes!
  • Carl: How come, Jim?
  • Jimmy: Because, we're still being hunted!
  • Sheen: Jimmy help! I'm afraid of heights! Oh, and I'm also afraid of pterodactyls!
  • Sheen: YABBA DABBA DOO!!!

  • Libby: (about What Hugh Did) He gave us Brain Freeze.
  • Judy Neutron: Alright everyone I'll Handle things from Here.


  • The title of this episode is like the Jurassic Park title design.
  • When Jimmy said the theory that you have a stand still to a T-rex was discredited he meant that T-Rex has binocular vision and forward facing eyes and has very good eye sight so you can't stand still to a Trex.
  • When jimmy said they went back two hundred million years to the late cretaceous period it was actually 65 million years ago (200 million years ago is the Triassic period).
  • When the Pterosaurs were on the ground they should have their fingers on their wings on the ground to support their weight.
  • The T-Rex also appeared in a Jimmy short.
  • It is true that the Leptictidium has been alive since the late cretaceous period.
  • This is the first episode to feature Libby's new look, with a pink shirt and Egyptian-Queen hair.
  • If the Leptictidium rewinded the whole episode, this episode probably didn't actually happen in the Jimmy Neutron universe because the Leptictidium would have rewinded it again and again and again and the rest of these episodes after this one couldn't exist, or Jimmy could have changed the timeline resulting this episode never happening.
  • Sheen says "Yabba Dabba Doo" in one scene, this is a reference to Fred Flintstone's catchphrase.
  • if they went back in time to prehisotric times and still be in texas, they would have enchountered dallasaurs and acrocanthosaurus, instead of T-rex and pteranodon.
  • leppi the leptictidium seems to have dinosaur feet and hands, when he is supposed to have kangaroo feet and rodent like hands.
  • Carl's coconut dance can also be briefly seen in the second intro.
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