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Members of Team Neutron

Team Neutron is the name of a team of crime-fighting preteens led by Jimmy Neutron. These friends often have adventures together and fight villains from all over the galaxy.


  • Jimmy Neutron- the leader of the team and a 12 year old boy genius.
  • Carl Wheezer- Jimmy's best friend, who loves llamas and is allergic to almost everything. He is the co-leader of the group.
  • Sheen Estevez- Jimmy's other best friend who is very hyperactive and obsessed with a superhero named Ultra Lord. He is the brawn of the group.
  • Cindy Vortex- Jimmy's arch-rival, female counterpart and girlfriend. She is the (secondary) brains of the group.
  • Libby Folfax- Cindy's best friend and Sheen's girlfriend and female counterpart, who loves music and dancing and serves as a big sister figure to Jimmy. She is the group's voice of reason.
  • Goddard- Jimmy's robot dog who does over a thousand things and is Jimmy's favorite out of all his inventions. He is the team mascot.

Other Members

  • Nick Dean- The most popular kid in Jimmy's class who is another one of his best friends and serves as a big brother figure towards him. He is the jock of the group. 
  • Hugh Neutron- Jimmy's slightly dim witted father, who loves ducks and pies. He is the clown of the group.
  • Judy Neutron- Jimmy's housemother who often scolds Jimmy for his antics and mischief. She is the maid of the group.
  • Brobot- Jimmy's robot brother, who is very annoying and always wants to play.
  • Brittany Tenelli- Cindy's other best friend and Nick's girlfriend, who is often a third member of Cindy's friend group. She is the ditz of the group.
  • Zix, Travoltron, and Tee- Former members of the League of Villains who joined Team Neutron after Sheen befriended Tee and Jimmy's friends saved Zix and Travoltron from a prehistoric snake.
  • Bolbi Stroganovsky- An exchange student from Backhairistan who loves kabobs and slap-dancing.
  • Betty Quinlan- Jimmy's crush, who he often tries to impress with his inventions.
  • Elke Elkberg- Carl's female counterpart and pen pal from Sweden, who is a farm girl and loves llamas as much as Carl.



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