The title card for "Thanksgetting".

Episode 4A
Season 1
Airdate November 13, 2010
Invention N/A
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Thanksgetting is the first segment of the fourth episode of Planet Sheen from season one. 


Sheen invents a holiday called "Thanksgetting" where everyone on Zeenu gives him presents. But he gets SO MUCH presents, that they can't fit in his house. And he is imprisoned inside and can't move! Will Sheen get out and learn to share?


  • In Sheen's picture, there is a woman next to his father, who appears to be his mother. This is the only time in the franchise we see Sheen's mother. Before that, it was established that she died when Sheen was to remember her.
    • His mom is however mentioned in the movie's PC game and When Pants Attack.

      Sheen's mom?

  • Sheen doesn't know what Peace on Earth is, even though he got it in Holly Jolly Jimmy