The Big Pinch
The Big Pinch (Title Card)

The title card for "The Big Pinch".

Episode 4B
Season 1
Airdate September 13, 2002
Invention Time Booth
Previous Brobot (episode)
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The Big Pinch is the second segment in the fourth episode in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.


The episode opens with Cindy giving a report. Jimmy disagrees with several of her biggest points (such as the radio being invented earlier than the lightbulb) and they get into an argument. Eventually, Jimmy storms out of class and says that he will prove that he is correct. Jimmy then returns to school and enters the class with Thomas Edison. The class is shocked as Edison tells off Cindy, and proves Jimmy to be right. Jimmy, however, did not predict that Edison would then being to flirt with Miss Fowl. Edison then convinces the teacher to leave the class with him so they can spend the day together.

Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen are then seen at the Candy Bar, spying on Miss Fowl and Thomas Edison. Carl attempts to convince Jimmy to go with himself and Sheen to Retroland, but Jimmy turns them down. Meanwhile, Edison and Miss Fowl flirt and then proceed to leave the Candy Bar.

While still in the Candy Bar, Jimmy notices that signs of electric objects disappearing, due to Edison's being in the future. He then goes to find Edison roller skating with Miss Fowl. Jimmy attempts to convince him to return to the past, but Edison refuses, due to Miss Fowl.

Jimmy then goes back to his lab. He protects Goddard with a solar-power battery, and then beings to think of options. He decides to go with breaking up Edison and Miss Fowl, and begins to devise a plan.

Meanwhile, Carl and Sheen get stuck on a roller coaster in Retroland due to the power outages.

Later, in the park, Jimmy invents a walky-talkie that disguises his own voice to sound like Edison's. He uses it to make Miss Fowl think that Edison is insulting her, but the plan backfires when Jimmy falls out of a tree and the two adults find him. Edison, once again, refuses to return to the past, but Miss Fowl convinces him to go, Edison doesn't understand and asks for Ms. Fowl if she wants to get married, but Ms. Fowl says she's not the marrying kind and Edison finally agrees to go home. Jimmy and Edison walk back to Jimmy's lab at that point. Then, the scene cuts to Carl and Sheen, who are still stuck on the rollar coaster, which then starts up again, Carl is relieved but Sheen is disappointed.


  • Jimmy: (sarcastic) Oh, I forgot about the ever popular mud-powered radio.
    Cindy: And I forgot about your mud-powered brain!
  • Thomas Edison: Woo! That hovercar's a piece of work!
    Jimmy: Thank you, Mr. Edison. You know, I achieved the upward thrust using strontium-90 encrusted fuel rods and titanium valves.
    Thomas Edison: Are you through? It's not that great, okay?
  • Sheen: (while stuck on a rollar coaster) Woo, yeah! Take it to the limit baby!
  • Jimmy: (in filtered voice over Goddard's PA system, Thomas Edison voice) "Roses are red, violets are blue. Miss Fowl's armpits stink like an old skunky."
  • Jimmy: (Thomas Edison voice) I think you smell much more like an old cabbage.
  • Miss Fowl:(To Thomas Edison) I thought you were a gentleman!
    Jimmy: (Thomas Edison voice) [ in filtered voice over Goddard's PA system: That's funny. I thought you were a gentleman the first time I saw you.] Can I call you "Man-Lady"?
  • Cindy: And in conclusion, much of today's modern-day communication is thanks to Marconi, who invented the radio in 1870.
    Sheen: Marconi? Didn't he invent those little cherries at the top of ice cream sundaes, too?
    Carl: Oh, baby. I love those.
    Libby: Those are maraschino cherries, Sheen.
    Sheen: Gotcha. Um, you're pronouncing his name wrong, Cindy. It's macaraschino.


  • There is an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch with a very similar plot to this episode.
  • This is Nick's first appearance in the show. 
  • In Nightmare in Retroville, Miss Fowl says she was married to a werewolf. If this is true, she has been divorced, giving extra context to her statement in this episode "I'm not the marrying kind". 
  • In the book version, Jimmy asks Hugh and Judy for advice on how to breakup Edison and Ms. Fowl. 
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