The Herminator (or Hermin) is one of Jimmy Negatron's inventions. He appears only in the videogame Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron as the fourth boss of the game.


Hermin is not very bright and extremely gullible. In fact, he is not even smart enough to tell the difference between Jimmy Neutron and his own master, Jimmy Negatron. Although his name is Hermin, he rather prefers to be identified as "The Herminator". He later refused to believe that Negatron was the real thing when Jimmy trapped him in a cage.


Hermin has a large, rectangular shaped body, with Negatron's symbol on the front. He has long, dangling brown arms that end with large claws, and two tube shaped short legs. His head is round with slits for eyes and his mouth.


Obscure Voices Rob Paulsen as the Herminator

Obscure Voices Rob Paulsen as the Herminator


  • He speaks with a German accent.
  • His nickname is easily a reference to The Terminator.