Time Booth

The Time Booth is one of Jimmy's time-travel related inventions. It is a time-machine which allows the user to travel back (and possibly forward) in time.

Unlike Jimmy's Time Booth, this device was not shown to be able to view the past or the future. However, this device can be used to bring someone back from the past, by knowing the time and the place of the person.


The Time Booth is a red London telephone box with a time travel device on top and multiple buttons in the inside.


The Time Booth appeared in Time is Money, The Big Pinch, and Party at Neutron's.


  •  The Time Booth may be a reference to the TARDIS from Doctor Who. They are both English phone booths (though the TARDIS is technically a police phone box), and can travel in time.
    • It may also be a reference to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, where the protagonists time travel in a similar booth.