Episode 5B
Season 1
Airdate November 23, 2010
Invention N/A
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Torzilla is the second segment of the fifth episode of Planet Sheen from season one.


After getting sick of Zeenuian food, Sheen finds a tortilla crumb in the rocket, and tries to plant it. But Sheen didn't know that since Zeenu's climate is different from Earth's, it would make the crumb grow into a giant tortilla monster! Sheen, Doppy, and Aseefa try to fight off the tortilla by shredding cheese and throwing it on the monster to melt it, but it wouldn't work. It wasn't hot enough! So the three of them get fire waffles to burn the tortilla with their fire-breathing skills.

Sheen's Starlog Entry

"Dear Grandma,

Today I learned things grow differently depending on what soil you put them in. Maybe that's true with people too, since I'm growing into something I wasn't at home: a brave hero. As a side note, I also proved what I've always believed; quesadillas are the seed of good knowledge. I miss you and your delicious cooking. 




  • The shirt that Sheen pulled out of the rocket is not his Ultra-Lord shirt.
  • For some reason, Nesmith isn't eating any quesadillas.