Ultralord vs. the Squirrels

Episode 7
Season 0
Invention Hypno Beam
Previous Pain, Pain, Go Away!
Next Calling All Aliens

 Ultralord vs. the Squirrels is a Jimmy Neutron pilot short.


Sheen gets his new Ultra Lord action figure in a tree, Jimmy must get it back with his latest invention; "The Hypno Beam" to keep it away from the squirrels.


  • In the movie's teaser trailer, Jimmy wore his outfit from the pilot, Nick was in Sheen's place, and the Ultralord action figure was replaced with a kite.
  • An online game was made on based on the short, and played similar to Namco's "Pac-Man".


Ultra Lord vs the Squirrels01:48

Ultra Lord vs the Squirrels

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