Van patten

The Van Patten Radiation Belt, as seen in "The N Men".

The Van Patten Radiation Belt is a layer of charged plasma that surrounds Earth in the Jimmy Neutron series. It is seen only in the episode "The N Men". The belts pose a hazard to the protagonists, which derive their superpowers from whatever action they were enacting at the time their spaceship passed through the belt.

Jimmy received the least effective change at first. He gained orange skin pigment from the Belt, which later gave him powers much like the Hulk, including intense anger, huge muscles and invulnerability.

Sheen was using a vibrating massage chair during the Belt, and as a result, he gained super vibration powers, enabling him to run extremely fast, at the cost of a weak bladder.

Libby was irritated by a pimple on her face, and was applying vanishing cream during the Belt. As a result, she acquired the ability to disappear. She discovers a newfound force field in Area 86.

Cindy was arm-wrestling Jimmy during the Belt. She gained super strength as a result. In the Area 86, she learned to fly.

Carl burped at the time of the Belt. As a result, he gained supersonic burps, which flung anything in the direction of the burp a far distance. He uses this technique many times during the rest of the episode, so as to break out of the Area 86, to knock angry Jimmy out, and to save Libby from an oncoming vehicle, as well as saving her from a falling sombrero statue.


  • In episode "The N-Men" Jimmy said that the other members of the N-Men had a fatal gene in them which would drain out their life forces and later kill them, but Jimmy was not affected by it. Possibly because he had the power of invulnerability in his Hulk-like form and was able to heal this damage.

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