What's Up, Chock?

The title card for "Whats Up, Chock?".

Episode 3A
Season 1
Airdate October 16, 2010
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What's Up, Chock? is the first segment of the third episode of Planet Sheen from season one.


When Aseefa discovers that Chock Chock, her pet Chocktow, has run away she comes to Sheen for help. In an effort to impress Aseefa, Sheen and the gang agree to track Chock Chock down at any cost. However, in order to do so they must travel to the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, infiltrate a vicious pack of Chocktows and convince Chock Chock to return home. When they arrive in the Gulley of Razor Sharp Fangs, Chock Chock has fallen in love and doesn’t want to leave. But when he finds out that his love interest already has a boyfriend, he wants to go home with Aseefa.

Sheen's Starlog Entry

"Dear Grandma,

Today I made a new friend; she's blue, has a pet monster, likes tornado surfing and she's totally magtorian. That means 'awesome'. Well, now I'm tired, so I have to tell Nesmith to build a dam that we can sleep in (Nesmith: Bears), with his giant red claws (Nesmith: Lobsters) and his flat tail to smack it down in the mud (Nesmith: Beavers) and his fin to swim (Nesmith: Fish). So hard to find a monkey with all the options.

Love, Sheen"


  • The title "What's Up, Chock?" is a pun on Bugs Bunny's famous catchphase "What's Up, Doc?"
  • This is Aseefa's first appearance since the pilot.